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3 min readOct 29, 2022

In 2017 made a 5 year plan which was to be achieved by 2022. [ Link]

In Summary following is the report card.

Learnings from last plan:

At a macro level, there was continuous turbulence and uncertainty that rained over the most part of the 5-year period. Easter attacks, Covid19, and the local economic crisis were some of these negative events. Although these are negative events, it’s important we adapt to them and execute experiments quickly. Some of these do open up new opportunities.

We should have focused on getting the message across to the grassroots.

We executed successful initiatives at the grass roots level which enabled community engagement. This might not reflect in the above report card yet, but it is crucial for systematic social changes.

  1. Puthiya payanangal [Full Report of it ]
  2. Digital Content Accelerator — A three-month acceleration program for Digital Content creators to help them amplify their storytelling and build a business out of it.
  3. Maker Booth coinciding with Nallur Festival [ Report in Tamil ]
  4. Remote classroom project with the Department of Education, Northern Province and UNICEF piloted and created guidelines for implementing digitally paired twin classrooms at the school level, which will enable remote schools without teachers for specific subjects to join a digitally paired twin classroom elsewhere.
  5. Learning App for hearing impaired students Students at Nuffield School, Kaithady done in partnership with LIRNEAsia and Funded by Ford Foundation
  6. Initiatives during Covid lock down period to run a lot of live teaching and online maker courses.
  7. YGC Junior, a significant event in our calendar, has been held continuously for the last 11 years, allowing students at schools to immerse themselves in Tech and Innovation. The numbers over the years have consistently increased, with a 300% increase in numbers in 2022.

In order to define the roadmap for our next phase of our journey, we are in the process of setting goals for 2030. We’d like to attempt some moonshot goals for the Yarl IT Hub community. We are crowdsourcing for ideas, suggestions and recommendations from the community. You can share your ideas, vote on others ideas or build on others ideas by using the online board we have at Sign Up and start putting your ideas down!

In parallel during the YGC weekend (November 4th, 5th and 6th) in Jaffna, we will have a wall dedicated at Hatch Kalam to put down ideas. On 6th of November from 2.30 PM, we’d also do a brainstorming session at Hatch Kalam in Jaffna; you are most welcome to join this!

The execution of the Five Year plan for Yarl IT Hub was made possible by our Partners ITEE Foundation, LBR Foundation, Serendip Foundation and Aravanai . We also had the support of Lankan Angel Network, Ford Foundation and GIZ helping us accelerate our activities at critical points. Great contributions from our YGC sponsors over the years, mentors and volunteers around the world, ecosystem partners, and the community have made all of these possible.



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