What is Uki’s “Digital Media Marketing” course?

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4 min readApr 23, 2022

Well, Uki (www.uki.life) is a coding school by Yarl IT Hub (www.yarlithub.org), which offers a six months long intensive, in class training program; that trains students to acquire skills needed to join tech companies as interns/ junior developers or become entrepreneurs.

What is the course about?

Marketing is always about the business connecting with their audience at the right place at the right time. In today’s world, almost everyone is spending most of their time online. So, the best place to meet any business’ audience is online — The internet.

This is where the form of online marketing comes — Digital Marketing. Any form of marketing which is done online. There are different methods of Digital Marketing. Some are more effective than others in certain cases. This is where Uki’s Digital Marketing course comes in. To educate the students on these different methods and with real world case studies and hands-on exercise to get to know about the techniques and tactics.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing — as we read earlier, any form of marketing done online. Most businesses use digital channels like Search Engines, Social Media, Email and their own websites to connect with their customers, whether current customers or potential new customers. Through text or multimedia (videos, images, and/or audio) messages.

One of the most effective digital marketing way is known as inbound marketing. An effective way to attract, engage and entertain customers online. We will see what this inbound marketing is, but a well experienced marketer mightwill say both Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing are virtually the same.

How to define Digital Marketing for a business?

Digital Marketing is compulsory for any business and brand awareness. If you look at all the brands, they have a website. Even if they don’t, they at least have a social media presence or an advertising strategy.

Digital content (media) marketing has become very common that the consumers are relying on them to know about their favourite brands. The reason behind this is digital marketing has many options and strategies. We can get more and more creative and experiment on those marketing options/tactics on a budget.

Digital Marketing can be defined by how we use the various digital channels and strategies to connect with our potential customers online (where they spend most of their time). To become the best digital marketer, you have to have a clear idea of how your digital marketing campaign supports your goal. Depending on the goal of your strategy, you can build up a larger campaign through either free and/or paid channels available to you.

For example: A Content Marketer, can create a series of blog articles that can generate leads for a new product their company has created. The company’s Social Media Marketer, then help promote those blog posts through either organic posts or paid/boosted posts on the company’s social media account/s. An Email Marketer, can create an email campaign for those who have already purchased/downloaded the book with more info about the company.

Why Uki’s Digital Media Marketing?

Digital Marketing helps us to reach a larger audience, which you cannot with the traditional methods. And it helps to target the potential customers who are very much likely to buy your product/service. Also, this is way more cost-effective than traditional advertising and also as an added bonus it helps us to measure success on a daily basis and alter it for our needs.

Uki’s Digital Media Marketing course consists of more than 18 module including Branding, Website building, SEO, Email Marketing, YouTube, Facebook, Google Analytics, Content/Presentation creation and more.

Upon completion of this course, the participants will

  • Have learned dozens of proven digital marketing strategies
  • Improve a brand identity and a brand’s audience
  • Learned social media marketing using all the most popular social media platforms to grow a business
  • Grow an email list, website traffic, subscriber count, and social media following
  • See tangible results by taking action through the entire course
  • Increase conversion and sales with real world techniques
  • Create eye catching and stylish presentations and contents for online media and data visualization

Who can apply?

The course is structured as if a person creating their own company/brand and creating an online presence as a seed and growing on each of the topics mentioned here onwards, from content creation to retaining a client.

Branding, Websites, Email Marketing, Blogging, Copywriting, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), YouTube, Video Marketing, Facebook Pages, Presentations/Content, Facebook Ads/Marketing, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora

And to jump into the world of Digital Media Marketing to Growing your own start-up or help and client to increase their business or Land a job in this highly competitive field.

The course is for the students who have finished their A/Ls. Anyone who is interested to begin their career in the field of Digital Marketing or who is going to create their own start-up and looking to know about how to grow their online presence can join the course. The course is taught in Jaffna for the period of 6 months.

So, the Question now is, why are you still waiting? Go and apply now at our site at www.uki.life/applications before April 24, 2022



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