What is Uki’s “Digital Media Marketing” course?

  • Have learned dozens of proven digital marketing strategies
  • Improve a brand identity and a brand’s audience
  • Learned social media marketing using all the most popular social media platforms to grow a business
  • Grow an email list, website traffic, subscriber count, and social media following
  • See tangible results by taking action through the entire course
  • Increase conversion and sales with real world techniques
  • Create eye catching and stylish presentations and contents for online media and data visualization

Who can apply?

The course is structured as if a person creating their own company/brand and creating an online presence as a seed and growing on each of the topics mentioned here onwards, from content creation to retaining a client.



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Yarl IT Hub

Yarl IT Hub


Yarl IT Hub is a not for profit social enterprise focused on fostering innovation, entrepreneurship and technology in Jaffna.