Yarl Geek Challenge 10th Edition

  1. ‘BoonFair’ presented an online marketplace that allows buyers to meet sellers to find the perfect product with a touch of personalisation.
  2. Brahma.ai’ presented BuildMe, a Construction Management App that helps a contractor to maximize the utilization of the expected profit margin from the Construction projects of his/her company.
  3. ‘MoodforCode’ presented a smart POS which would empower Small & Medium Scale Retailers with Technology
  4. ‘Ceylance’ is a social enterprise which is trying to make Sri Lanka a better and trusted place to hire top talented freelance developers, designers and digital marketers.
  5. The A-Team presented their app ‘U-notes’ which is a platform for university students to exchange notes.
  6. ‘EPR Groupers’ presented their product work with and build with, which are applications that connect skilled workers with those who need to get the work done and construction companies with people who are looking for one.
  7. ‘Kada’ presented their platform through which they support the small and medium scale shop owners to mark their digital presence by creating a customized website for the shops.
  8. Delft JKS’ presented their tourism venture through which they offer real experiences and memories to the travel lovers who visits the beautiful Island Delft
  9. ‘EDUS Online’ Institute provides Online Group classes via Zoom with best teachers from around the island, for all the subjects in English and Tamil medium from Grade 4 to G.C.E A/L.
  10. ‘Trash for Trade’ is a social enterprise which has created a Centralized Plastic Waste Management System



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Yarl IT Hub is a not for profit social enterprise focused on fostering innovation, entrepreneurship and technology in Jaffna.